Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and Educational Center

This was a highly profiled project for the City of Daytona Beach completed in 2013 with a contract value of $2,500,000. In honor of the past Mayor, the City wanted to build this highly modern and interactive Cultural and community center that serves an area of the city that already features sports fields and recreation. The vast majority of both exterior and interior walls are a combination of precast tilt-up concrete and Aluminum storefront curtain walls. The roof structure is made up of a structural steel and joist system with a modified bituminous membrane roof atop.  The building is a square boxed shape that encompasses a central Amphitheater courtyard.  There is a gymnasium, and numerous large sized activity rooms. Due to the limited municipal funding by the owner, we created a Fast Track schedule. We kept strong support between both the design and C.M. team to maintain its modern design.

Project Delivery Method:  Construction Management-at-Risk


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